Uncommon Questions Main Deck + Asking For a Friend Bundle

Uncommon Questions Main Deck + Asking For a Friend Bundle

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Four total items

  1. One deck of the newest edition of Uncommon Questions (AZ 4.6 Stars)

  2. One deck of Asking For A Friend (AZ 5.0 Stars)

  3. “I’m Sorry” Uncommon Questions Expansion

  4. Asking For a Friend - Travel Pack Expansion

Total of 400+ cards!

Description of Uncommon Questions: "Just received the cards last night and sat down with the wife right away. Card quality is great and gave us 5 hours of fun conversations before we realized it was past bed time lol" - George D. (one of our Kickstarter backers) Uncommon Questions is a set of 200 conversation starters for couples. Each card will help you learn something new about your partner. Each question was designed to be fun, non-confrontational, and not-very-serious. We are 99.99999% sure you've never had these conversations. And if you have, pat yourself on the back, you are weird. This isn't marriage therapy, you won't talk about your feelings, you'll just have a quick chance to reconnect and re-appreciate your partner by learning a new random fact about them. We made Uncommon Questions because our relationship needed some help. As parents of young kids, my wife and I realized with the exhaustion we were facing on a daily basis, we had stopped discovering new things about each other. Our conversations were mostly the same every day: money, schedules, family stuff and what to watch on Netflix. The questions are quick, insightful and fun. Some conversations might last a minute, some might last 20 minutes. The outcome will be the same, you'll find something new to appreciate about your partner. The topics you'll discuss are very random, and this keeps things fresh! You might answer questions about your favorite toy growing up, your favorite urban legend, what you'd do with the ability to time travel or what you'd train a domestic robot to do. All these little random discoveries add up! We made this game using Kickstarter!

Description of Asking for a Friend: The game allows you to create funny or really sincere questions for your friends and family. Share stories and gain new insights with this awesome party game! We created this game with kickstarter; here’s what our backers are saying: "It is hands-down the most fun I've had playing a prompt style party game in a long time. I'm impressed with how versatile it is. I can play with family, with church friends, with friends-of-friends who I haven't met before, with friends I've known for ages, and as a group we can adapt the deep/dirty level of the game appropriately. I've learned things about my friends I never knew and after the last round, I had a great conversation about some of the deep questions that had been asked. I can't recommend it highly enough!" - Laura Delaney (Kickstarter Backer)

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