Two Sets of Uncommon Question's Couples Edition

Two Sets of Uncommon Question's Couples Edition

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“My wife and I are in our early thirties and have been married for almost 10 years. After going through about 20 cards in the first few days of receiving the game, we have learned more new things about each other than we had in the last year or two.

Some questions were pretty easy to answer off the top of our heads, but helped us learn new things about each other.

Some questions really made us think, and led to meaningful conversations.

Some questions made us laugh, and our answers made us laugh even harder.

We are excited to go through the rest of the questions. We have been discussing 2-3 cards every night before we go to sleep, but it would also be fun to "binge" on the questions - like on a road trip. I have recommended Uncommon Questions to a lot of my friends and family based on the great mixture of fun and meaningful conversations I have had with my wife. If you're reading this, I'd recommend them to you, as well.”

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