New Edition of the Couples Main Deck - Free Shipping

New Edition of the Couples Main Deck - Free Shipping

  • 200 conversation starters FOR COUPLES. That's 40% MORE than other games out there!

  • Although we designed it for couples, it works GREAT FOR GROUPS! Strengthen all your Relationships!

  • YOU HAVE NEVER HAD THESE CONVERSATIONS! We are 99.9% sure you'll find something new out about your partner EVERY TIME (if you don't, you are weirdly awesome).

  • Questions fit ANY TYPE of relationship setup and are gender/orientation inclusive

  • Great unique and fun GIFT for WEDDINGS, ENGAGEMENTS and ANNIVERSARIES!

About our giving: We never thought Uncommon Questions would become something, but now that it is growing, we want it to help people. We use 10% of the revenue (not profit) to fund charities and organizations that focus on things we care about. We also look in to make sure the money is being managed responsibly. If you ever have a charity you'd like us to consider, please DM us. We love you.

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